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About me....

As a teacher, early year's educator, special needs assistant, voice therapist, a holistic energy healer and mother of two beautiful children, I hope to share with you my knowledge, experience, love and enthusiasm for the world of Voicing your opinions, Being yourself, and Daring to Shine in the world. 

I started working with children and babies officially in 2009 when I became an early's years nursery nurse. My love for these beautiful souls led me to want to know more about them. I soon became an early year's educator and montessori assistant which enabled me to understand babies and children so much better. I like to say today that they are little luminous enigmas! Mysterious and full of surprises! They teach me so much about life's flowing nature and beauty.

My new-found skills in the quantic and energy field ( they were always there! just somewhat hidden), my studies in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and social work have led me to all matters of the heart and soul.

Today, I work with babies, children, teenagers and adults helping them to find themselves again through their voice and through sound healing sessions. Moreover, i can help with philosophy for daily life and guide you with healing reiki sessions.  



Pregnancy/ Birthing plan, Labour Guidance and a gift of your child's story from within to when he/ she is out into the world! ( examples of stories told in english in "Témoignages")


  • Parental Guidance and support
  • Baby and Children's art and creativity workshops 
  • Prenatal singing-voicing and Quantik connections ( based on Quantik mama's Vortex and The Matrona's Holistic stages of birthing)  
  • 3 I 's technique- Intention, Imagination, Intuition for learning to let go and BE
  • Doterra Essential Oils Consultant throughout pregnancy and labour
  • Massage and Rituals: Essential oil Massage -Aromatouch by Doterra, daily rituals for a more calm and positive outlook on life's matters 
  • Mexican Rebozo postpartum ritual of closure and release
  • Neonatal Loss  Support and Care

  • Voice therapy and healing sessions 45 minutes or 1 hour ( 3 sessions/ 5 sessions/ 10 sessions)
  • Holistic and Energy Guidance 1 hour/ 1 hour and half on internet, on the phone or at your home
  • (helping you, your child or teenager to find yourselves again. Be daring and learn to release your feelings.)
  • 3 I 's technique- Intention, Imagination, Intuition of self help for you, your children and teenagers


  • Aroma guidance based on Doterra's teachings and consulting 
  • AROMATOUCH Massage = 45 minutes 


  • Baby softplay and sing song mornings, Philosophy for young children and teenagers, Teenager's Self-help and self-care Circles or individual coaching doing what they like. 

Phone me at 0609784459 or email me at for further details and prices



numéro siret  51460153300029
*tarifs social et solidaire si besoin  
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